The Top 3 Upgrades For An AEG Airsoft Gun Keeping It Cheap

What are the best 3 upgrades you can do to your AEG for the least amount of money?

Written by Load Out -

I get it, you want your gun performing as good as possible for the least amount of money, or maybe you just want it to look that extra special and unique, but you don’t have a massive budget. Here are the 3 things you can do to boost your AEGs performance for the least amount.


1. A grip and a sight

These two go hand in hand. First of all, if you aren’t comfortable with your gun, you won’t be able to perform well. A grip allows for the most amount of comfort and control over your gun and allows for a lot better accuracy over your gun, helping you to reduce ammo spent trying to compensate for shots missing. You also tend to enjoy your day more if you are much more comfortable with your gun. A grip can allow for the most comfort and control, for the least amount of money possible. Angled or vertical is a whole other topic, but it is mainly down to personal preference and what you feel is comfortable for you.

Here is what I recommend:

Next, a good sight. A simple red dot is always going to be superior over iron sites for even nothing at all. This allows you to pinpoint players and be more accurate with your shots. By being more accurate, you have a better chance of hitting players and you will overall enjoy your day more often. Your ideal red dot sight is something that is lightweight, not too bulky and has plenty of features to keep you going.

Here is what I recommend: 

2. A barrel and bucking

Now we are getting into the technical stuff here. A barrel and a bucking go hand in hand to provide the best accuracy and range possible. If you do not want to void the warranty of your gun or are not too confident with barrel and bucking changes, the best thing to do is to either get a technician to do it or follow a good step by step guide on YouTube. Now, onto the mm. 6.01mm will provide the best range but will lack a bit on accuracy. You will also see a massive boost in FPS due to the increased tightness of the barrel, which leads to more air being compressed down the barrel. Next is 6.03mm. This is arguable the best choice out there. It provides the best of both accuracy and range possible, and still gives a boost in FPS. Lastly, 6.05mm is your other option. This works in opposite to 6.01mm. You will see a massive boost in accuracy; however, you will see a drop in range. Higher FPS = further range. That is just basic laws of physics. In a 6.05mm barre, you will see a drop in FPS, which will decrease FPS, however you will get a boost in accuracy because of the “cushion of air” that surrounds the bb. This stops it rattling down the barrel and reduces inconsistencies in shots.

The best companies for barrels are as follows:

6.01mm = Madbull (if you are on a tight budget, however Madbull barrels are less durable to other companies such as Prometheus because they are made out of aluminium as opposed to stainless steel, which is a softer metal)

6.03mm = Prometheus

6.05mm = Orga or PDI

Now, as for the bucking, you want the correct degrees. Different degrees correlate to the FPS you are running; however, this image will help a lot to decide the correct degree to choose. (these correlate mainly to Maple Leaf Buckings, however it has the same sort of idea with other companies)



The best two buckings on the market are the Maple Leaf Macaron 60 Degree Bucking and the Prometheus Purple Bucking. Both are built to a superb quality, hop very consistently and help to boost accuracy and range significantly. Both can be bought from here:


3. A better motor

A motor is one of the key components in your gun that controls the rate of fire, that and gears and a higher voltage however those two require much more complicated things. If you have a V2 gearbox (M4), a motor change is a piece of cake. Once again, this is not recommended if you don’t want to void the warranty of your gun, however a motor change on something like an M4 is a quick 5-minute job.

High torque vs high speed

High torque motors are designed to give the best overall Force/ Power. They offer pure strength at the sacrifice of speed. High torque motors are the tractor of the airsoft world, great at their job and usually really reliable whilst being extremely strong, which adds durability and longevity. These are more of your pickup trucks or your tractors.

High-speed airsoft motors are quite the opposite in comparison to high torque motors. They give a much high RPM (revolutions per minute, or more simply, they spin faster), but give up strength when compared to High Torque motors and tend to offer less longevity because your gun works at a faster pace. These are more of your Corvettes or your Ferraris.

High torque motors still allow for a faster rate of fire in comparison to standard motors, however not as fast as high speed motors

Here are some very good options for high torque motors for standard M4s if youre looking to boost durability, longevity and the rate of fire by a tad: (in 30k, long shaft)

Alternatively, if you are just looking for higher rate of fire over strength and longevity, here are some very good options:

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