The Zap Card Installation Guide




The Zap Card is an NFC enabled PVC card designed by Anvil Tactical Airsoft and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The Zap Card is designed to be an easily portable always accessible twin to the Zap Patch due to the simple, small and sleek design that allows it to be slotted in to your wallet or purse like a credit card or be carried around in any of your pockets or your phone case. It really can go with you anywhere.


The Zap Card works exactly like the Zap Patch, you can encode a desired link or social profile in to it using the free NFC TOOLS app and then share that information simply by tapping it on someone’s smartphone. The applications of this card can be for self promotion of any social profile or website, ambassadors can promote their sponsoring companies, you can give out your number or business profile to clients...The possibilities and applications are endless and only limited by how creative you get with it!





BRANDS: iPhone 7 and newer, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, BlackBerry and all other makes of mobile and tablet with NFC capability. Please check your phone is NFC enabled before purchase.


OS: Android, IOS 11 +, Windows, Blackberry, NFC USB, Bluetooth /internal readers / writers




- 2cm+ reading distance.

- Cannot be placed directly on metal.

- Fully waterproof..

- Tag can be LOCKED but be warned it cannot be unlocked after locking.


- Some phones require an NFC reading app.

- Designed with the recognised NFC logo.


Remove the Zap Card from the paper display. Keep it close by and go on to your phone’s App Store

STEP 2: Download the free app called NFC Tools and/or NFC For iPhone. Go on to the app and click “write”. Then click “add record”. Select what it is you would like to encode, EG your social media page where someone can DM you (recommended) or any of the other options that will contain a way to contact you. Once you have selected the encoding options, click write and tap your phone on to the Zap Card. When it shows a confirmation icon you will know it isencoded. Test it by going on to your home screen and tapping your phone on the Zap Card. It should trigger the action.

STEP 3: Enjoy using the Zap Card! Keep it safe in your wallet, phone case or other and take it around with you wherever ver you go so it can be used when it’s needed!

EXTRA: Looks like you’re all ready to go! If you want to change the link on the sticker, go to NFC Tools and click “Other” and then “Erase Tag” and repeat the process. If you want to lock the tag so the encoded info can’t be changed, click “lock tag” in NFC Tools. If you require extra help, please get in touch with us.

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