Review Of The Elite Force H8R & Army Armament R501 Airsoft Guns

Run Your Gun: What Tools I Use

Hello readers. The name’s Yankee, and thanks for buying tickets to my YanTalk. There will be no refunds. I’ve been a skirmisher for over 2 years now, some woodland games and some indoor CQB ones. Well one CQB, but the drive to Birmingham was as long as a milsim event. Throughout my short career of pew pewing, I’ve had to use a variety of tools in order to make it through the day. Today I’m going to be covering what guns I run, starting with my favourite sidearm, then my second favourite sidearm, then we’ll have a drink break so hold your toilet breaks until then. We all on the same page? Cool. Finish your drink, let’s begin...

Elite Force H8R

The Elite Force H8R Super Magnum is what you need in your life. Powered by a CO2cartridge that is housed in the grip and built of a sturdy ABS, this revolver can take a beating as well as hand one out. Weight wise, don’t let the plastic fool you. This little beaut is perfectly balanced from tip to grip, which is why I keep it in my non-dominant left hand. This pistol is non-blowback, so it fires straight and true on every shot and with 0.20g BBs you can hit targets up to 20ft, satisfyingly enough. If you want to try some heavier BBs, say 0.30g, the adjustable hop-up lets you compensate for the weight without sacrificing the range. Now,onto the looks. You know Cyberpunk 2077? Yeah, this is the gun you need for that cosplayproject of yours’, samurais. With 20mm rails at 12 and 6 o’clock positions, you can add your own variety of lasers or sights to your H8R, or if you want to skip those entirely the neon green optic sights will help you zero in on you targets. This will be necessary but the biggest thing that sets this beast apart from other revolvers is the 10 shot clip it holds. Think of it as a poker chip that slots right into your H8R like a coin into slot machine, letting you hit the jackpot a potential 4 more times than the average revolver. Last but definitely not least, the safety can be found behind the trigger to be pulled back for single action firing or locked for security. Overall, I fudging love this gun. But what do you do if you end up at a weird site that doesn’t allow CO2 guns? You listen to Uncle Tan while we move onto the next entry...

Army Armament R501

I adore Army Armament almost as much as I adore alliteration. This company manages to produce fantastic quality guns at fantastically low prices. I picked up one of their 1911 models as one of my first purchases, a real workhorse of a gun. That gun went through mud, rain, water, and in one case an actual bog of just unimaginable liquids (I so love the nature in skirmish games) and if that 1911 ever did jam then all it needed was a smack against a wall and it was as good as new. Now that was a big if, but I found that it was time to replace the Ol Reliable in my armoury and the first thought was AA. The R501 caught my eye immediately due to its Costa compensator and stippled grip, giving this gun quite the aggressive but futuristic look that matched my H8R. Right out of the gate, this gun’s kick puts a smile on my face. The full alloy construction gives this pistol some heft but it’s once again nicely balanced. The recoil on this GBB is smooth as that rum and coke you’re topping off, and that aforementioned grip lets me use this gun one handed in my strong hand. Remember Scary Movie 2? That was a good sequel. Like, it took what was popular at the time and just ran with the ideas to ridiculous but effective ends, just like the R501 does. Built on a 5.1 base and with a flared magwell to allow for speedy magazine reloads, this pistol also has a red optic sight to allow for just as speedy target acquisition. With a 20mm rail at 6 o’clock, there’s option for a light/laser attachment but the real joy comes from within with a custom hop-up and inner barrel that lets this pistol easily launch 0.30g and heavier shots with very little need for adjusting the hop-up. The safety is ambidextrous, which is a neat feature if you’re having to swap hands and guns on the fly and don’t want to shoot yourself in the leg. Don’t laugh, it can happen. Finally, there’s a lanyard hole built into the magwell of the R501 so you can properly secure this gun and because of its widely used 5.1 base, you won’t have any issues finding aftermarket parts or accessories for this baby.

Now, it seems my drink is empty and my bladder is full signalling a fine time for a break, like we both agreed. Maybe I'll be back, maybe I'll pass out in the loo. Let's roll the dice.Yankee, out


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