The Anvil Tactical Airsoft YouTube Content Program

The Anvil Tactical Airsoft YouTube Content Program


The Anvil Tactical Airsoft YouTube Content Program is a content creation method that allows individuals who film and record Airsoft content to get paid for their work, gain increased exposure and reach, receive free information and tools to increase their video creation skills and much more. The program is designed for Anvil Tactical Airsoft to gain content to grow on YouTube, and provide work for Airsoft players who enjoy recording but don’t receive any or very little payment for their clips and hard work.


Here’s how it works:


  • You sign up to the YouTube content creation program. We will review your channel, your example content and all the information you provide that determines if you are a match to what we are searching for.
  • If approved, we will send you for free our E-Book ‘Airsoft Video Making And Editing’ + 3 PNG Overlay Packs of high quality video editing crosshairs and video accessories. We want to train you to create better and better content. We will invest in to you.
  • We will create a customised traceable discount link that will track when a sale is made through this link being clicked. This link will be added to the description of any video we upload that utilises your content. If a sale is made through this link, you will get a percentage commission of that sale.
  • You can upload the videos to our channel yourself and edit them yourself for a larger percentage, or alternatively you can give us raw footage that we will upload and edit for a smaller percentage.
  • We will review your videos before publishing. If it fits in our criteria and is what we are looking for, we will upload it to the Anvil Tactical Airsoft Channel with our intro and outro attached to the video + a short AD video in the middle. Any sales made through this video’s link will be credited to you the set percentage.


How much can you make?


We have 2 content creation payment setups. You can only apply for one as we can’t track different sales between multiple different videos with the same link.


  • Uncut, unedited raw footage straight from your camera that we will edit will gain you a 3% commission of sales made through the link in the video descriptions.
  • Edited videos with high quality editing by you that will include an Anvil Tactical Airsoft intro and outro (we supply) and uploaded from you to the channel by yourself will pay a 7% commission of sales. We require you to submit examples of your editing skills and videos before signing you up to this commission level.


To grasp the potential earnings, if a video of a unique, funny or cool clip you have taken goes viral and gets many thousands of views, you will earn up to £7 per £100 of sales through this clip, and the more videos you upload, the more streams of revenue you will have coming from the videos.



Rules and regulations:


By signing up to any of these programs you are officially granting Anvil Tactical Airsoft the permission to use your video content and monetise your videos with their advertising and intro + outros.


Commission earnings are counted up monthly and will be payed via PayPal or Bank Transfer to you.


We demand that the videos do not contain racism, bullying, over the top bad language, nude or explicit content within reason. We hold the right to remove or reject any video submissions that fall under any of these categories or contain

potentially damaging aspects.


We hold the full right to reject video submissions or remove uploaded videos if they are not of a high quality and standard or contain any of the above damaging aspects.


You are free to opt out of the program at any time, request the removal of videos or request changes to the descriptions and title. However if you opt out of the program before the end of the current payment period (the month), all commissions from that month will be lost. We need to guarantee your commitment isn’t only to gain free books and some quick exposure. We also want prior notice before withdrawing from the program if possible.


We our aiming for the best quality content. If your content and video creation skills are not matching up to the expected levels several times in a row, we will give you warning and suggest some changes and help you to improve on the content. If the content continues to lack, we hold the right to remove you from the program after paying you your earned commissions from that current month.


You can upload as much or as little as you like as long as the content is of good quality. The more you upload, the more you make.


You can use and upload videos that are also on your personal channel. From before also.



What we are looking for?


We are looking for unique, watchable and shareable videos. This doesn’t mean you need to upload huge 5-10 minute videos. We are looking for quality over quantity, cool 3-6 minute gameplays, 30 second short clips with funny and unique moments, good engaging reviews and informative videos...


We also will accept video reviews, information videos, upgrade guides, talkshows and of course in game gameplays.


We want high quality HD 1080p footage from good cameras, with well edited videos cut and overlayed with good story telling via text or voice over. It’s your canvas, paint it nicely and it will pay you back well!


Depending on your payment program, us or you will attach the Anvil Tactical Airsoft intro and outro + occasionally an advert video in the middle of the video. This is a requirement.


We want to work with you and create a great bond and help each other to improve. We’d like to keep in contact and discuss your videos and Airsoft!



How do you join?


Please email us at:


Your email should contain: A description of who you are, where you’re from, what guns you use, how much you play, what is your play style, what languages you speak and record with and other useful information like that about you as a person and as an Airsofter, treat it like an interview for a job.


It should contain links to your YouTube channel, example videos, past records of editing and clips, and links to your social accounts. We are reviewing you not just your channel.


It should contain your verified personal signature and sign off that authenticates it is you and the information of which commission program you are looking to join.


It should include contact details for how best to respond and talk to you, we might ask to have an over the phone conversation with you also to introduce ourselves and get to know you better.


You can expect a response in 1-3 working days whilst we review your submission.

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