Airsoft is nearly back! Lockdown 3 is finally coming to a close in the UK which means our favourite sport will be back on for business. But let's face the cold hard truths. A lot of us have been boredom buying new stuff and building new loadouts whilst we were locked away, and we are all just a little bit out of practise! 


Unfortunately for us this means that with new gear and with prolonged periods of time away from the sport we are more likely to lose something, forget something or forget to close the velcro of that nice new pouch you're running... Unfortunately that can't be avoided and no one wants to lose any of the new magazines or equipment they have literally just got... So we invented the solution!

Meet the Zap Sticker. The first ever Airsoft applicable adhesive NFC sticker that you can encode your contact information on to! Just stick one of these on to your mags and gear and encode them with your contact details so that when someone picks up one of your lost items (It happens trust us) they can simply scan the sticker and arrange the reunion with you that could otherwise never have happened!


Go and get yours now, there is gear to be saved!

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