Think of Spring! Lush, colourful, green as the forests and woodland start to grow fresh leaves and wildlife flourishes. To blend in to this type of a scenario you need to get your camo choices spot on. The right one can make you invisible, the wrong one can lead to a lot of over kill. So get it right!

We know all the Multicam fans out there will hold some appreciation for this so our first pick is Multicam Tropic! The deep green mixed with deep forest colours makes this the perfect blend for a spring setting. 

Up next we take US Woodland! This camo shares the deep greens of the forest and as the name correctly reflects is a true camo for the woodland.

Option 3 would be a quality ghillie suit, which will start to take advantage of shrub and natural foliage towards late spring.


Other honourable mentions are normal mullticam, Digital Camo Jungle, Tiger Camo in green.


Thanks for reading!

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