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Trinity Airsoft Grip

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This is the Trinity Grip! A fully adjustable, interchangeable Foregrip designed for comfort, dexterity and customisable to the needs of all Airsoft players. 

The Trinity grip solves a particular problem. Preset and non-adjustable Airsoft grips on the market must be purchased separately and only have one angle or shape mostly. The Trinity grip allows for full customisation of angle to provide perfect comfort and dexterity according to the environment and terrain. We realised that all grips serve a different purpose, vertical grips give better accuracy, angled grips give faster and more dexterity when aiming and handstops provide additional support & grip.


The Trinity grip is designed to be fully adjustable to any angle therefore combining all three.

- Vertical Foregrip position consumes less space on your rail and gives you a firmer, more solid hold which aids in accuracy at long ranges and better stability when firing at full auto.

- Angled position allows for a faster and more pointy aim that is ideal for CQB and quick, comfortable aiming at short ranges where the split second makes the difference.

- The Flat hand-stop position is flush to the rail and provides additional grip, hold and non slip design to the position which aids in accurate aiming and additional comfort when aiming.



- The Trinity grip can be adjusted to all angles, therefore allowing you to find a position most comfortable to you and suiting to the terrain of your game

- Trinity grip is made of 5 separate parts that are screwed together, this means that all pieces of the grip can be interchanged and replaced. therefore if something breaks, you can pop in a replacement part, if you want a longer or shorter version it will be compatible, and if ANVIL come out with any upgrade parts in future you can simply apply only the new part without having to buy a whole new unit.

- The grip as mentioned is compatible with other Trinity grip parts. Meaning that you can have a longer midpart with a short midpart, or any kind of customisation between parts.

- The Trinity grip is designed with additional grooves in all parts that help with grip when it gets wet, sweaty or difficult to hold. This allows you to maintain a more firm and therefore sturdy aim during different conditions that would otherwise cause slippage or discomfort. 

- The grip is as authentic as it gets. Drawn up on a piece of paper as an idea by a lake during lockdown, designed in 3D and adjusted, modified and improved many times, printed in the United Kingdom and now manufactured in the United Kingdom locally by trusted and reputable manufacturing sources.

- The grip is designed to be able to slide down and up a 20mm picattiny rail. This means that is the screw is removed from the part that attaches to the rail, it can be slid up and down smoothly to allow you to find the perfect grip or adjust in game.

- Angled and cornered edges allow for extra comfort when being held.

- The bottom parts of the mid part have miniaturised "feet" allowing you to have a miniaturised bipod that works when resting your rifle on flat surfaces. These feet can also be adjusted with the angle of the grip and aid in additional support.

- All parts can be replaced! If something breaks, simply disassemble the grip and get a replacement piece, screw it in and go off to battle! Who should need to get a whole new grip?

- Accommodating all hands! We have made the mid-parts of the grip in 3 different sizes. Small (Stubby), Medium (standard), Large (more comfort and length). So that all hands can use the Trinity grip comfortably. Bare in mind that this grip can also be used with 2 sizes of midparts. For example, Small + Large, Medium + Large, Small + Medium. Whatever works for you!

- 100% Authentic design and idea. This is ours!


- The Mid-Parts of the grip are 100mm. To purchase shorter or longer versions of the mid-parts click HERE

- 3D Printed from strong materials.

- Metal Nuts & Bolts

- Branded with Anvil logo, Made in UK and Trinity logos on the grip.

- Compatible with other Trinity grip parts.

- Fits 20mm Picattiny rail. (M-lok adapting pieces coming soon!)

- Package contains 1 x Trinity grip, different sized mid-parts sold separately.



- This item is shipped from Anvil HQ in the United Kingdom. 

- Pre-Order will be dispatched by the 12th of September.



- We have made many adjustments and modifications to this grip, we have improved it as much as possible but being a new product there may be some minor weaknesses. Please inform us of these so we can make improvements to the design!

- The Trinity Grip is made from strong materials. However this does not mean it can't break, and we will supply you with replacement parts if this happens.

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